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The Coalition for Collision Repair Excellence (CCRE Ltd.) is The Only Coalition of Consumer-Oriented Shops Dedicated to Quality-Minded Independence. Following is an excerpt from their newsletter:

In writing a damage blueprint of repairs, remember that the crash program time for R&R or R&I wheel is only an insurer-prompted guess of time needed to change the wheel (not including time to R&I the temporary spare) so the vehicle is able to be moved around the shop during the work process. Don’t forget to include this operation in your damage report. When a disabled vehicle enters the shop we frequently have to dolly it in, and an additional fair charge for this service is warranted. Always remember that the basic premise of labor times is working on “new, undamaged panels/parts,” and charge accordingly. One of the reason that the CCRE has labored to teach Job Costing at our seminars is to make shops aware of actual costs. Insurers have become financially successful through “counting beans,” a practice which would greatly benefit shops. You should know your exact costs, with reasonable markup, of flex, tape, urethane, expandable foam, panel bonding adhesives, caulk, coolant, and the like. Software systems programs like PaintEx can greatly benefit you in keeping track of all the seemingly little things that can make or break your business. From a financial standpoint, often the most important person in the shop is the one that regularly checks and rechecks the cost of the goods used, and then makes sure you are charging adequately. Techs should be trained to measure the amounts of the specific materials they needed for each job and the person in charge of finalizing the invoice must look at each item and make sure it is priced fairly (including a reasonable profit).