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Bob's Blog

Markup vs. Gross Margin

Do you know the difference between markup and gross margin? In 1958 the Harvard Business Review stated that approximately 90% of all retailers did not. It is thought that this number has changed little in today's business community. (more...)


"We've been very successful using PaintEx to obtain full payment for all submitted paint and body materials. We've tested it over and over with great results. It makes paint and body materials profitable again. We recommend it 100%!"

- Mike Orso, President,
NY State Auto Collision
Technicians Association


PaintEx2 is in beta testing.

You may notice a new button in the upper right corner of your PaintEx pages that takes you to the new PaintEx2 web pages. We have been improving our user interface to provide more speed and convenience. We will be rolling out the new PaintEx2 site in the next few weeks. If you would like to participate in the beta program give Bob a call!

Don't settle for incorrect insurance reimbursement!

KLM is back with PaintEx 2.0!* This easy-to-use, intuitive paint and finishing cost-accounting software guides you to quickly and effortlessly create detailed, itemized invoices for every job.

For years, insurance companies have lumped all materials needed to prepare, paint, sand, buff, and clearcoat a vehicle into one number, the hourly P&M allowance, which is an estimate based on the number of paint hours. The problem with this method is that it is seldom correct, as every job is different.

PaintEx allows you to quickly generate a preliminary damage report and then go on to modify, add, and subtract any and all materials used in the refinishing of the vehicle. The result is an accurate accounting of the refinishing cost for each vehicle.

Here's what PaintEx does for you—

PaintEx 2.0 is truly the road to drive your body shop profits up!

Free trial button.

Try it free for 14 days and you'll see that PaintEx quickly pays for itself. No credit card required.

Have questions? Call Bob at 760-489-6600. Software not behaving the way you expect? Want a feature you don't see? Call Eileen in Software Support at 612-875-5008.

*PaintEx has been successfully used by body shops since 1990, but, as with all other computer apps, it needed updating. We took this opportunity to make it so easy to use that there’s no learning curve. Start it, use it, double your paint & materials income!

With PaintEx, doubling your paint & materials income is as easy as 1-2-3!
1   Create a preliminary damage report based on you’re average shop usage.
2   Print the Traveler sheet and easily track actual materials used.
3   Create an invoice based on actual paint & materials used for that job, and submit it to the insurance company.
That’s all there is to it — Collect for all the paint & materials you actually use on every job!